Washington Tour from New York


To visit Washington from New York It is one of the best excursions you can do in the city of skyscrapers. This city stands out for many things, in addition to hosting many official US government buildings, spectacular museums and memorials to relevant figures, presidents and war veterans, we are sure to surprise you.
Very different from the Big Apple, clean to the extreme, neat, with low buildings and a beautiful historic center, Georgetown, Washington D.C. is a excursion from New York highly recommended
Its most prominent area and the one that more tourists visit is National Mall, a huge rectangular esplanade with a reflecting pool in the center, where buildings such as The White House, the Capitol, Washinton Monument, the Lincoln Memorial are concentrated around it and several museums, among many others.

How to get to Washington from New York

For get to Washington from New York You have several options, among which you can choose one or the other, depending on the days you can dedicate to the city.
Most travelers who visit New York have a day to do this tour, although after our experience, we can say that it is a city to which you can perfectly dedicate 2 or 3 full days and not get tired.
For the Washington tour from New York If you do not have a rental car, you can choose between going by bus or train. We recommend the bus, with a journey time between 4 and 5 hours, similar to that of the train, but in which the seats are more comfortable, you have Wi-Fi and it is also cheaper.
Being one of the best excursions in New York there are several bus companies that do the tour and the frequency is quite high 24 hours a day. Most depart from areas near Penn Station or Hudson Yards. There are several companies of buses to go from New York to Washington like Greyhound, Boltbus or Megabus.
If you only have one day a great option is to book this bus tour with a guide in Spanish or this private one, in both you will be picked up at the hotel and you will visit the most prominent places in Washington while explaining the history and curiosities of each site.

If you have more days you can book any of these recommended guided tours in Spanish:

For more information about the transfer you can read this post on how to go from New York to Washington.

Places to visit in Washington D.C.

There are many places to visit in Washington that are worthwhile, on our last trip to New York to have enough days in the city we did a 3-day trip to Washington. Based on our experience we have made a list of the most essential places to visit in Washington. Most of these places can be visited in one day as they are relatively close to each other.
A good option to learn more about the history of each place is to book this visit through Washington with a guide in Spanish or if you do the excursion for free, book the tour bus in Washington and thus save time on transfers and see everything in a very comfortable way .
If you are going to spend the night in Washington D.C., we warn you that the accommodation in the center is quite expensive. We were at The Architect hotel, near the National Mall, with a good value for money and with 24-hour reception, which we really liked.
Another highly recommended accommodation is the Phoenix Park Hotel, located a few meters from Union Station and the red metro line.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is a huge obelisk located in the National Mall that can be seen from many places in the city and is also one of the icons of Washington. From the top of the obelisk you have the Washington's best visits, although now it is under construction until 2019.

Albert Eisntein Memorial

Museum of Natural History

For us it would be a great visit if you have not visited the Natural History Museum in New York before, which in our opinion is much more complete.
It is located in a beautiful neoclassical building where you can see large reproductions of dinosaurs.

If you feel like helping us expand the list of places to visit in Washington from New York, add yours in the comments.